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Puppy Gallery!   Our Furry Friends Gallery, Fur Us Cannon Hill is your trusted grooming service dedicated to keeping your dog happy and healthy. Whether small or large, long or short hair, all pooches are welcome to experience our therapeutic grooming services. Simply contact Fur Us today for a pet spa experience unlike any other....
“Addressing some of the crisis within the Pet Grooming Industry”
Dog Grooming industry over the years have struggled to find suitable candidates, experience groomers with particular skills, with a number of households now owning a pet, this has put increasing pressure on the dog grooming industry. “There are a number of vacant positions in Brisbane alone” said Lori, who is the owner of Fur Us Cannon...
How to trim your dog’s nails
How to trim your dog’s nails
When the nail grows so does the quick! 1. Nails When your dogs nail grows, so does the quick, some dogs quick is far too close to the nerve and will bleed. Trimming your dogs nails more regular, will help the quick to recede over time, and allow more of the nail to be trimmed....
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