NewsThe Benefits of Grooming Your Pet

September 10, 2018


Keeping your doting dog or friendly feline in top condition requires regular grooming. From a good scrub using quality pet friendly products to a nail trim and comb; practices as simple as these can make an incredible difference for the well-being of your pets. Here are our top benefits of professionally grooming your dog or pet.

The Benefits of a Professional Groom


Benefits of a Good Brush

Grooming is essential in the maintenance of a healthy skin and coat. Whether curly or straight, when dog or cat hair becomes matted it can entangle a limb and affect circulation. It is also uncomfortable for animals when the hair suffers from tangles. A good brush prevents matting and removes the debris that settles on the skin.

Keeping your precious pooches and frisky felines well-groomed produces a smooth shiny coat. It also reduces the amount of hair shed in and around your home.

Nail Trims

Your dog’s nails can grow so quickly and so long that it makes walking painful or extends into the surrounding skin. Calling on a professional grooming service means you do not have to be concerned with the improper growth of pet nails again. At Friends with Fur we have the equipment and the knowledge to neatly and safely trim pet nails without causing additional distress. Shorter nail length prevents accidents such as hooking or breaking a nail. Regular trimming keeps your dog looking and feeling great.

Detect Problems Quickly

Taking your pet to a professional groomer not only includes a complete bathe, dry and brush. Our trained groomers will check your pooch from top to tail including, the eyes, ears and body. In doing so, it can be possible to detect any strange lumps, bumps or problems of the ears and eyes you may have missed. We will always provide owners with the necessary information to take the appropriate action.

Eliminate Pet Odors

All dogs and some cats can suffer from a poor odor that can leave an entire room smelling like, well, wet dog! With a professional bathe, the correct products are applied and a deep clean ensures your precious pooch smells fresh.

Why Friends with Fur is Your Best Choice in Pet Grooming

Friends with Fur are your trusted pet grooming service and exceptional doggy day-care in Brisbane Southside. We offer only the friendliest and high quality solutions to keep your canine companion well groomed and cared for.

The Benefits of Visiting Friends with Fur – Your Professional Pet Groomers

Our grooming specialists are experienced and trained in managing puppy and dog grooms.
We provide an express wash ensuring your pet is clean with a efficient procedure.
We offer a full groom including a wash, blow dry, brush and nail trim.
We clip and neaten the hair around the eyes, mouth, face and feet.

Whether small or large, Friends with Fur is fully equipped to handle every pet with the utmost respect. To ensure your pooch is always looking their best we provide teeth clean, flea wash treatments, ears and eye stain cleans and more.

Call on Friends with Fur today to schedule your dog’s next groom.

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