GroomingMaking ‘grooming’ process comfortable for your dog!

March 30, 2021

We understand the stress and aniexty when it comes to getting your dog groomed! How will they be treated? Are they going to be okay? how nervous will my dog feel.

These are all valued concerns feel and have, Fur Us – Cannon Hill will help ease that stress for you and your puppy.

A few reason, Fur Us – Cannon Hill is the right choice!

1. Finding the right salon

This might feel a little overwhelming and difficult, trying to navigate through many groomers, and understanding what you need to look out for, you could ask a family or friends, conversation in dog parks and also check the salon reviews and comments

Mine are also, as the Owner of Fur Us

a: How friendly are the staff if the team are happy and engaging then you can feel more confident in how your dog will be feeling

b: How clean does the salon smell and feel when you enter, is there overwhelming odor that doesn’t feel right. Can you see your dog throughout the grooming salon, from bathing, drying and grooming, this will help ease your concerns

c: What type of products are available when washing your dog, do they have non commercial shampoo and conditioner that will cover many coat and skin condition without additional charges?

d: Knowing the staff have the qualification and many years grooming experiance

2. If you are happy, and your fur baby is happy!

Try very hard not to jump from salon to salon, as the bond between your dog and groomer needs time to establish for dogs, each time you take your dog to another salon, their stress levels will increase until they settle again. Keeping consistent with the Groomer will allow your dog to feel more comfortable and relaxed

What can you do to help!

1. Try not to worry

This might easier said then done, however your dog will pick up on your stress and aniexty, so if you are relaxed then your dog will feel more confident

2. Some tips at home

At home grooming is also extremely essential to having a puppy become used to grooming, and to enjoy their experience at the groomers. Playing with your dogs paws, brushing regularly at home, play with ears, hold your dog’s head in your hands

3. Regular Grooming

Some salons, can book out quickly setting up reoccurring appointments will ensure your dog gets into routine, not too different to our four legged babies, dogs also need consistency to build on their trust.


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From puppies to older pets, Fur Us Cannon Hill is your trusted grooming service dedicated to keeping your dog happy and healthy. Whether small or large, long or short hair, all pooches are welcome to experience our therapeutic grooming services.

Simply contact Fur Us today for a pet spa experience unlike any other. 3393 9351

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