NewsA Dog Groomers Day!

September 28, 2018

Dog groomers make your pet look and feel great! They are experts in their craft with exceptional knowledge on how to manage your precious pooches from bathing and coat trims to blow-drying and nail clipping. Groomers work hard to deliver general skin and healthcare solutions for your pets no matter how big or small. To handle dogs with every care and deliver a excellent service requires responsibility, patience, skill and time! We aim to provide every pet the care and attention each one deserves.

A day in the life of a dog groomer!


1. What is Dog Grooming

A professional dog groom is delivered by an experienced pet salon service. It includes coat trimming, nail trimming, ear and eye cleaning, dog bathing and blow drying, and brushing.

2. Client Expectations

Every dog must receive the necessary cleansing without being rushed or compromising. Unfortunately, many clients can put pressure on groomer’s and require their dogs to be done in as little as an hour. To ensure your pet receives the best, learning what a professional grooming entails can help you understand the process involved.

3. The Reality Of Grooming

Grooming a dog requires careful attention paid to the unique requirements of pets. Not all dogs are confident, fearful pooches need extra time to settle and become accustomed to the process. Professional groomers always put the welfare of pets first. Groomers require the utmost concentration when managing dogs.The groomer can be at risk of being bitten by an aggressive or misbehaving dog.

4. Pet Grooming entails

Dog grooming time and technique will depend on the size and the breed of dog. Dogs with a straight flowing coat could take up to 2 hours to groom while poodles with curly coats could take 3 to 4 hours to complete. Dogs with double coat, or matted will require more time bathing, drying, brushing and clipping.

A professional trim includes shaving tools and clippers. Groomers simply cannot be rushed when working with your dog using these sharp tools. A stylist must encourage the pet to settle and relax which could take time in itself, before proceeding with any coat or nail trimming.

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