News“Short” but not too short

September 28, 2018

As a professional dog groomer, we work with all types of pets. From large breeds with dense coats to smaller Yorkshire Terriers and Maltese poodles with thick fluffy hair. Clients usually tell me, “I would like my dog’s hair to be short but not too short,” which can sometimes be a little confusing even for a grooming expert.

Here are a few of our favourite dog grooming tips!


1. The Importance of  Grooming

Keeping your dog’s coat clean and free from matting relies on a superior groom. A trip to the salon ensures dog hair is cleansed with pet friendly products from conditioning shampoos to flea treatments. A groomer is equipped to dry and brush all lengths of hair to remove knots and produce a streamlined coat. Trimming is performed around the face, ears and feet while more extensive styling depends on the coat type and needs of the pet.

2. Dog Bathing

Bathing dogs is an important part of pet well-being and maintenance. The obvious benefit is the removal of the dust, dirt and dander that settles below the hair on the skin surface. It helps remove those “doggy” odours that quickly permeate a room or absorb into furniture. A professional bathe includes the application of products compatible with the needs of pets. Dogs with allergies and sensitive or irritated skin may require medicated products to soothe inflammation.

3. Ear and Eye Cleaning

Professional groomers can provide more than a basic bath you would give your pets at home. Equipped with professional tools and facilities, all canines are provided a luxury spa experience including the cleaning of the eyes and ears. Groomers remove the tear duct stains on the face and assist in preventing and detecting any signs of ear infection.

4. Haircuts

The primary reason for getting your dog’s coat trimmed is to make it more manageable particularly for fluffy breeds with dense coats that matte easily. More owners are requesting their dogs’ coats to be cut short but not too short to keep their pets cool in the summer and to reduce the excess shedding without leaving their canine companions near bald or odd in appearance.

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