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March 28, 2019

We recommend starting at 12-weeks of age. The very first grooming appointment is an introduction to the puppy and the owner to the world of grooming. The puppy will be introduced to a bath, blow drying, nail clipping, and slight trimming.

We do not recommend having a puppy a full hair cut on their first time being groomed. The reason behind this is to introduce the puppy to grooming and having them stand still and be handled for 1.5 hours, would have this to a negative experience. This is a lot to ask of a puppy. That is why we only do the basics for puppies first groom. We bathe them, slowly dry them, trim the nails, trim the fur from around their eyes, pads, and around the sanitary area. This is about all they can handle. The puppy will be introduced to having scissors around the face, having to hold still while the pads on their feet are trimmed. Depending on how the puppy reacts to the first grooming we may recommend doing this type of trimming one more time before the full haircut. The more comfortable the puppy becomes with being handled by the groomer and being on a table, and in the tub the better the puppy will become as they grow up.

What can you do to help!


1. Don’t leave it too late

It becomes more difficult to groom a puppy that is 6-months old for the first time than a 12-week-old puppy. The 6-month-old has already established fears and aggression. At this point in a puppy’s life if the owner has not prepped the puppy with any type of grooming; brushing, combing, or nail trimming. It makes the groomers job nearly impossible to have the puppy trust them and enjoy grooming.

2. Some tips at home

At home grooming is also extremely essential to having a puppy become used to grooming, and to enjoy their experience at the groomers. Different types of fur require different tools. Our groomers are very willing to answer questions and show you tools that are appropriate for your puppy. One of the biggest misconceptions about puppies and grooming is when they will change from puppy coat to adult coat. This time in a puppy’s life is essential to maintain so the coat does not mat. Usually puppies get their adult coat around six months of age. The puppy coat on some breeds will not shed and becomes tangled in the adult coat if not brushed on a regular basis.

3. Regular Grooming

Whether short or long canine coats; grooming is necessary for optimum pet health. Trimming nails, combing through fur and keeping the eyes, nose and ears clean can prevent infection and complications.

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