NewsSomeone once told me “Grooming is Fun and Easy”

November 3, 2018

I was told today that grooming is easy and not a real job. Think about this, grooming is a craft, it takes hours of training to just start our grooming path, and takes continual education to grow our talent.

Love of Grooming

It takes sweat, blood and tears. It can causes pain, sore back and hands. Your groomer would have many cuts, and more than willing to admit. Has pulled inch long hairs from their eyes. Dogs who will bite and wriggle continuously throughout the grooming.

Not so fun!

Your groomer would have cried over the conditions of her 4 legged customers, cried with an owner at the unexpected loss of their pet, cried and comforted owners as they struggle with the decision to put their pet down.

The passion

Accident do happen, and if this does happen then your groomer would have beaten themselves up over it for longer than you’ll ever realise, your groomer will be hurt in so many different ways. Your groomer would have been bitten and attacked on daily bases.


Your groomer will spend thousands on equipment and the equipment up keep, will have cared and attending to your dogs needs more times than a vet in a year.

Your groomer will go home some days physically, mentally and spiritually drained from a days work, yet every day, day in and day out your groomer will return and do this all again.

This is not a job for the weak. This is not a job for the lazy, This job is from love, it’s far from easy.

Call on Friends with Fur who have the love and dedication

We do this because we love what we do, so next time you hear someone say ‘dog grooming is easy’ remember us and share with them ‘dog grooming is NOT easy’ call Friends with Fur in Brisbane Southside for the passion of ‘dog grooming’! 3393 9351

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