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April 24, 2019

Contrary to people’s views dogs don’t need to be groomed in the winter. Many people feel dogs don’t get dirty enough in winter to require a bath or grooming, but in reality, frequent grooming in winter is important if not more than summer to sustain a healthy coat and more importantly avoid any matting.

Consider your pet’s coat this winter season!


1. Book a Bath and Groom

You can book between grooms to help maintain the best condition for your dog. A bath and groom service looks after your pet’s coat, with a warm bath, shampoo and condition to help restore moisture to assist them getting too dry and itchy. Bath and Groom will tidy face, feet and sanitary areas also includes nail trim and brush to help keep your pet’s coat in top condition.

You can also book a full groom for example the poodles or x poodle breeds with a comb attachment, which will keep your pooch nice and fluffy however well maintained to avoid knots or matting.

2. A Warm Bath

Regular baths with colder weather automatically results in dryer skin. But using a good shampoo and conditioner this will help keep their coat shiny and healthy.

3. Double Coat

Now as you may know there are double coated breeds and yes, they may be more “ready” for the winter months compared to the short-haired breeds. Unfortunately for those double coated owners if the coat is not properly maintained then it can become your worst nightmare. If the coat becomes matted it is no longer keeping the dog insulated or warm. In fact, it provides discomfort, pain and underneath all that could possibly cause a skin infection.

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